iPhone, iPod, iPad Email Setup Instructions

How to set up POP3 on your iOS device. There will be slight differences between the devices and OS versions but they are close enough for this tutorial.

Step #11             
Locate and tap the settings icon.
Step #22

Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Step #33

Locate and tap the settings icon.
Step #44

You will see various types of preset accounts such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, etc.Choose “Other”
Step #55

Add Mail Account
Step #66

1. Under Name, put your child’s name.
2. In the Email field put the complete email address of your child. Replace “username” with your child’s selected username.
3. Password is case sensitive. If you set a password with upper and lower case letters, it is required to be identical.
4. Description can be whatever you want. This is so your child can recognize it from the list. If you have multiple children using the same device, then specify it accordingly.
Step #77

Select POP. Do not choose IMAP. This tutorial is for POP only.
Step #88

Incoming Mail Server Settings:
Host Name: incoming.zoobuh.com
User Name: complete email address of child account
Password: case sensitive passwordOutgoing Mail Server Settings:
Host Name: outgoing.zoobuh.com
User Name: same as incoming (above)
Password: same as incoming (above)
Step #99

This may or may not pop up. If it does, choose “Yes”
Step #1010

After you complete that portion, we are going to go back into the account and check the settings. Select and tap the account you just set up.
Step #1111

Scroll down and tap “Advanced”
Step #1212

1. Verify that SSL is selected/turned on.
2. Server port should be 110. If it is anything but 110, it will not work.
3. The other options can remain default.
4. Scroll back up and tap Done
Step #1313

Next screen, scroll down and tap SMTP this time. Then tap on the outgoing.zoobuh.com server which should be listed under primary.
Step #1414

1. Host Name and User Name should be as set in step #8. It should already be populated.
2. Use SSL should be selected/turned on.
3. Server port should be 587. Any port besides 587 will not work.
4. Save the settings and you should be done.
Step #15
Ensure you saved everything as you back out to the settings screen. Once complete, you can go into the Mail App and start receiving and sending mail.


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